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However, what my memory of the show had shielded from me was just how heavy handed it can be at times. The pace, energy, wit and flow of the season all help but none of it can totally overcome these moments, which is a shame. When they have the material they can just about sell it as reality but otherwise it must be said they succumb to the mush. The shooting is a very simple affair and it was a bit disappointing to see that it was clearly just an end of season device to get viewers to return.

The first season of this show has potential and I will return for the second on the basis of this, but it is hard to be blind to the weaknesses here. It takes up a few episodes and has a bit of a lingering effect on some characters but generally it is not well used.

The liberal politics are fine for me, but it is their smug delivery without intelligence or context that is the issue. Not perfect but a lot better than the first season and I have no doubts this time that I'll follow it into the third season, with the hope that the direction in this second season can be continued.

Anyway, I did like the show so I had it on a list of things I would like to catch up again, hence me watching the first season recently. The silver lining of these very cloying smug moments is that it does rather concentrate it into these specific moments and the rest feels less smug as a result. The cast benefit from this despite essentially doing the same performances as before.