But Bobbi don't fuck like Annette

Annette Schwartz vs Bobbi Bliss

Bobbi is a pro

Anette is the facefuck engineer whereas Bobby is the artistic craftswoman. But Bobbi don't fuck like Annette.

Annette is the perfect cocksucker

Both girls love giving blowjobs and neighther has any gag reflex left. Annette plays around too much, Bobby means business.

Bobbi is a pro and is super sexy. Annette is the perfect cocksucker.

Love em both but AnnetteNot even sure IBobbi may have been the greatest

Rozmawiaj z dziewczynami x Hamster Live. Lets see if she can take on Belladonna. Annette is just on another level than almost anyone. Both are world class oral artists and when a cock is in their mouth's, it is a wonderful thing to see and I bet it's great on the receiving end. She truely makes love with her throat and loves every second of a blowjob.

She is always hungry for

Love em both, but Annette wins in my book. Bobbi may have been the greatest deepthroat artist of all time. She is always hungry for sperm and in her off time lets random guys piss in her mouth like she's a human urinal. Not even sure I can say it's close either.

Anette is the facefuck