The Dursleys are not very well-off

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We never see him cookIn that case the

Yet Vernon is married to the sister of a Muggle-born witch. But if you're going to try to guess at authorial intent you have to ask why the author would include this or that scene or piece of information.

In that case, the sudden arrival of Harry would have caused further strain. We never see him cook on any other occasion, and Petunia has to ask him to do it as a special act, so it's clearly not routine for Harry to cook the breakfast. The Dursleys do have every reason to resent Harry's presence, although none of it is his fault and they shouldn't take it out on him. Additionally, considering both you and your date are in the same field, you can schedule dates in advance.

But canon Harry doesn't really reciprocate and perhaps he is right to distrust Molly's favouritism, which probably contains elements of pity and celebrity-worship. The evidence that Harry is routinely seriously underfed is weak. Well, here is an overview of some benefits. You get to socialize, get to interact with another noble hearten individual equally interested in you.

Fabian and Gideon Prewett were twins. In fact the only people in the family who seem to show any care for Ron are Arthur and Percy. Just like the relationship between the eyes and hand, your date, gets to be the hand and wipe your tears em-pathetically. As far as we see, up to the point at which Harry gave her an excuse to dump the job on him, she'd been planning to do the garden herself as well.