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Dan is not too keen on this idea. In his trip back to his old university he meets a half naked girl who will haunt him and un-sort him. This will change her life forever, people will know who Roxie is.

So today in fear, i take my own life, despite fearing that god, shant bring us our life. If forever we are, to remain apart, Shall the pain of hell, fix my broken heart. Getting lost in his favourite t. No one named in this fiction belongs to me, this fiction is obviously fiction. Phil tells all about his relationship with Dan.

Chris's career is taking off but there's something holding him back, making it not fun anymore. Things come to a head when his best friend Phil invites some of their friends over for the evening, including the person Dan has a crush on.

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How it came to be, why it's so special, and just how much it all means to Phil. As the story progress, they realize who they all are.

Dan is not too keen

Dan is Phil's best friend. Phil is having visitations, is it his imagination will he find out who his tender visitor is. However, these twins are adjusting well into it. Things are going very well for them professionally and privately.

That's why she wrote them eighty-three phanfics. They have to find each other will they be able to survive the obstacles thrown in their way.

Something comes out of the blue that rips them apart. If they had realised where it would lead they would have stayed at home.