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Authority file oclc record updating

Authorization levels and making master record edits versus local edits. Place your cursor in the field where you want to paste the information. Save and lock an authority record You can save an authority record as in-progress and lock it at the same time.

It does not include local data for any library. The incoming bib matches one bib in your database at a weight of or more.

If text is highlighted in the field, it will be replaced by the inserted diacritic. By deriving the record, you are using some information from a similar existing record rather than entering information into a blank form. Before deriving a record, verify that no one has previously added a record for the item you want to add. Automatic validation occurs after you take certain actions on authority records.

Save work in progress From the authority record editor, update the authority record. If you wish, you may retrieve the original record to examine and compare with the replacement record and make additional edits to the replacement. The record is not locked in Connexion.

The text field will expand to

The system prevents you from saving a record that would exceed the limit. You can edit a record locally regardless of whether another user has locked the master record. When entering multiple control numbers, separate each number with a comma. The information is pasted into the new field. You should validate an authority record manually after you edit it.

The authority record will be deleted and added to the Canadiana History File. The field is read-only as all subfields are populated automatically.

The incoming bib does not match any record in the database and is saved as a new record. Update the Workflow Status or My Status to indicate in what stage of the workflow the record exists.

Link authority records You can link authority records in order to visualize relations between records within or across authority files. Under this pricing structure, the library incurs no per-record charges for using Collection Manager. The incoming bib matches more than one existing bib in the database, at a weight of or more. Locally edited authority record A locally edited record is a copy of the master record that you can modify for your particular library needs without affecting the master record.

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The text field will expand to fit your search terms, if needed. From the left navigation, search or browse for a Saved - In Progress record.