They have made a study about it

Bearded guys dating younger

All the energy they put to maintaining it like they want. Sometimes it makes a huge difference. List of some hated beards The Awesome Details The most awesome part is how guys appreciate their beards.

Not everyone likes muscles or long hair. Growing a beard might make you look different and often it makes people talk. It is just ones preferences and there is nothing wrong with having some preferences.

They are proud of their beards. Dave Franco also had his share of criticism on his beard on the pic above. Not everyone likes big boobs.

The viking It looks so roughSome guys look actually better without

Those gestures makes the bearded guys even more impressive. Especially if you have been looking like a homeless guy.

The viking It looks so rough it is convincing There are of course even many more styles, this is just a simple list. Some guys look actually better without it. All in all they look more manly.

They have made a study about it. And at the end of the day it is what we have inside of us that matters the most. To condition it and make it grow even bigger. Different styles of beards are interesting and guys can express their personality with the styles.

The study The Awesome Variety There are long beards, short beards and stubble. Not everyone likes beards. Beards also often make men look more confident.

They put so much patience in growing them. Those things make it even so much better. And I know a ton of girls like men without beard too.

Why It's Awesome Some guys just look so good with a beard, they look manly, fresh, rough and I like how the beard tickles. Confidence is always sexy. People like to wonder about others appearance.

Some gestures comes with having a beard. Although this is my preference, it is not like a non bearded guy wouldn't be attractive. My personal preference is a tidy but natural beard. That is one thing I can't really explain.