That's a first world problem

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Watch her make flavorful Indian vegetarian dishes such as vegetable curry, samosa pinwheels, aloo jeera and other specialties, then call your own mom. And as the name suggests, the channel focuses on everything and anything burger related. You're bound to have the sudden urge to invest in a sous-vide cooker after watching these videos. Like, really recreating them. Crocombe's voice is still the perfect sound to veg out to when you don't have a Netflix password to watch The Great British Baking Show.

Each first-person video covers all the basics a couch potato sick of cold pizza should know how to make, whether it's breakfast burritos or beef stew. Then break out your phone or tablet and get to work. Fall asleep to gentle thumps of flour falling through a sift or the methodical clack of crunchy apples being sliced on a wooden cutting board.

Ryoya Takashima's channel, which he films in his cozy Japanese kitchen, is borderline sensual. Though the cinematography is serene enough to make us want to don our flannels and go foraging in the woods, it's the blissful chopping and mixing sounds that make these clips really come to life. Handsomely aproned development chefs break down the science behind making everything from Michelin-worthy desserts to what might scientifically be the world's best corn bread.

Babish also shares videos of everyday cooking tips, like how to properly use a kitchen knife and how to cook a steak. The host speaks, dresses and cooks in authentic Victorian style. That's a first world problem. Binging with Babish via Youtube Letting just anyone show you how to cook can be a recipe for a mediocre meal.

Watch her make flavorful Indian vegetarianAnd as the name