Ragan was evicted by a vote

Big brother 12 hayden and kristen dating denmark

Lane was nominated for eviction alongside Ragan. Kristen had a well known fight with houseguest, Rachel and they were enemies inside the house. He nominated Lane and Britney for eviction.

Ragan turned against Brendon and Rachel after they accused him of being in an alliance with Matt. The HouseGuest with the most points would be the winner. She is also a survivor of ovarian cancer.

Rachel was the center of much drama in the house. The other teams could spray water at their opponents, thus causing them to fall sooner. After Britney won the veto, Rachel used Matt as a pawn so she could get Monet evicted. During his final plea, Andrew left with guns blazing and revealed that Kristen and Hayden were a couple and had been making out while he was sleeping in the same room. Aside from the Brigade alliance, Hayden also had a secretive showmance with fellow houseguest Kristen until she was evicted.

When fellow houseguest Andrew Gordon outed the showmance in his good-bye speech, Kristen denied the existence. Matt voted for Hayden to win Big Brother. He is of Italian American descent. Matt's best friend in the house was Ragan.

The HouseGuest who finished the competition in the fastest amount of time was the winner. If the other team could correctly guess which HouseGuest had taken the bad shot, they would earn a point, and the team with the most points would win. Britney is most noted for her entertaining and comical Diary Room sessions.

If I were completely single and I met him on the outside then I think percent we would have a future. Matt is a huge Big Brother fan and has auditioned for every single season since the show started. Rachel is now best friends with Ragan and close friends with Kristen and Matt. Ragan voted for Hayden to win Big Brother. The winning team, along with Rachel, would earn the right to watch the film The Other Guys.

Enzo was nominated

Enzo was nominated alongside Ragan by Lane. Ragan was then nominated later in the hour during the double eviction but won the Power of Veto and escaped the block. Kathy became the second jury member.

Ragan was then nominated

She had notable fights with many fellow houseguests. Although initially Kathy was predicted to go home, after heavy campaigning and Andrew's bizarre veto speech, she was saved by a unanimous vote. Whenever a HouseGuest was eliminated they earned a prize, however, a HouseGuest who is eliminated after them can take that prize. Before HouseGuest Matt was evicted it was announced that it was double eviction day.

Enzo is married to his wife, Joella and has one daughter, Gia. Lane also had a very close friendship with his fellow houseguest, Britney. Britney revealed on the live feeds that she had seen Rachel during semi-finals of the show. Rachel is in a showmance with fellow houseguest Brendon. Following a tie-breaker question, Hayden became the final Head of Household of the season.