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Blackberry not updating outlook calendar

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The manager opens the meeting request but does not accept or decline the request. An updated version of BlackBerry Link that offers two way contact synchronization is now available.

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Even though Outlook does not have a defined limit for delegates, other resource limitations will eventually limit the number of delegates you can add to your mailbox. You open the calendar item again. This resource limitation does not affect you if you add a small number of delegates. If you do not process meeting requests that are related to the same meeting in the order that they are received, the meeting item in your Calendar may be incorrect. The meeting is deleted from your Calendar.

If you are an attendee of this meeting, your notes will be lost if a meeting update is received. Conflict resolution settings can be found within your device synchronization settings that are stored in BlackBerry Link. When you use Microsoft Outlook to accept a recurring meeting request that was forwarded to you by an organizer of attendee, you may not be added to the meeting attendee list. Your device and desktop calendars will now synchronize wirelessly. The attendees list has two instances of the same person's name.

Check your handheld's calendar regularly to see any updates. Therefore, both the manager and the delegate receive every meeting request that is sent to the manager. If you accept or decline a meeting by using the meeting item in the Calendar in Outlook, the meeting request remains in the Inbox.