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Charlene deGuzman, Sarah Adina Smith, and Mark Duplass A sex- and love-addicted woman learns what real intimacy is when she starts making music with a reclusive man. Billy becomes obsessed with proving the outcast is a murderer. The film reveals how the human spirit is driven by forces deeper than success and glory. Visions Visions filmmakers are audacious, risk-taking artists in the new cinema landscape who demonstrate raw innovation and creativity in documentary and narrative filmmaking.

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Jason Stone A close encounter with mysterious lights sends two teens on the run after one discovers she has extraordinary but dangerous powers. Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz In this genre-bending supernatural drama, a woman is forced to go on the run when her extraordinary abilities are discovered.

Discover, how one delicate plant has carried the weight of a nation and the people trying to protect it. Years after having abandoned her family, the only place she has left to hide is home. Interwoven, unscripted stories of life in a small mid-America town. And she has obsessive compulsive disorder.

The two soon find that confronting old wounds during a weekend in the woods is anything but restful. During this quest, the filmmaker finds out how much of his creativity and human values are at stake as he builds his own robot to replace himself as a filmmaker. Carlos Marques-Marcet When the best friend of a bohemian lesbian couple agrees to be their surrogate, the three friends set out on an unconventional journey to start a family. What he finds will uncover generations of family secrets, forcing him to redefine his own past, doubt his present, and question his future. Glen Lakin A seventeen-year-old boy blackmails his father after discovering his secret second family.