Circuli Absorptionis Ex Tempore

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She is also a master of puppetry, and she is able to control hundreds of marionettes at once, or use the ability on her opponents. She is extremely positive and hyper, often being the first to respond to a question or inquiry, and mixing up words constantly. She is a two-year-old robot created by Satomi Hakase to serve Evangeline and protect her during time where the spell binding her weakens her.

She is extremely positive and

As for Chizuru, her and Ayoko continued to date until they were sixteen. She is a kind person to everyone, volunteers at the daycare center in Mahora City and has exceptional domestic skills. After many years of struggle, hiding, and hardship, she eventually became known as one of the most feared mages in both worlds. The upgrade also allows her to transform her arms into swords and guns.

She is also a master

Evangeline has implied that Setsuna dyes her hair and wears coloured contacts, which could mean that her white wings are a result of albinism. Satsuki has a unique way of speaking that is shown in the manga by depicting her words without a speech bubble.

Chizuru thought she was in heaven. He also trains under Evangeline and Jack Rakan, which increases his combat and magical capability exponentially.