Dating a jamaican worldstar

Dating a jamaican worldstar

They are hard workers Jamaican men

They will cheat Similar to other men, there are some Jamaican men who will cheat on you every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Do not try to rush a Jamaican man or any man in general. If he wants you, then it is you he wants and he will let you know when the time is right. Michelin chefs On the other hand, Jamaica men are some of the best cooks on this side of the western hemisphere. If you do not want to be in a situation like this, ensure you find out all you can before you enter into a relationship with him.

They are hard workers Jamaican men very hard workers. Do not take this the wrong way but, although they work, most Jamaican men do not think women should stay at home. Yes, Jamaican men know how to deliver.

They are full of lyrics If you do find out they are cheating and want to leave the relationship, they will spin you some tales that will make you feel like the guilty one instead of them. Honey, if and when you see his parents, aunts or grandmother, do not start imagining diamond rings in your head and do not imagine yourself walking down the aisle. Yes, food is that important for a Jamaican man.

Now some of you sistahs will roll your eyes, smile secretly to yourself and continue walking while there are those of us who will stop and exchange numbers. Some Jamaican men are miserable They find everything to argue about.

Do not take this the wrong

They can be very lazy There are some Jamaican men who are very lazy. If you find a Jamaican man who is intent on wooing you or if you have made a home with him, be prepared for the orgasmic meals he will whip up in the kitchen. It seems nowadays, a lot of men are like this. Most of the times he will be able to provide solid evidence to support his dreams of romancing you. He will have your taste buds salivating on the regular.

They love their stomachs, they are wonderful cooks, they are providers, big on family and they are generally happy beings. Family and friendship go hand in hand meaning that if he says he is going to just hang with friends, often times those friends are his cousins and brothers. First and foremost, if you are an American woman dating a Jamaican man, you should know he loves authentic food. The level of possessiveness varies with each individual.

In light of this, my advice for you is if you are dating a Jamaican man or you are thinking of dating one, find out his job history before committing. They will give you excuses for not being able to find a job and a whole lot of bull crap. Inventors of romance A Jamaican man will tell you outright what he proposes for a romantic night. They will find nothing wrong with staying at home and depending on you to support them.