Life is not the Food Network

Dating chef

Actually, you kinda feel like an outsider. There are tons of us out there, who are somehow connected to a chef. We might not be able to have you over for dinner if you live on the other side of the globe, but we can talk, text, or email. Welcome to this crazy life of being involved with someone in the culinary industry. Talk about the hours, the stress, your loneliness, etc.

Someone to wake up with on the weekends, and to have dinner with after work. Bottom line, this does not feel right. Life is not the Food Network.

Actually you kinda feel likeThere are tons of us

Being in a relationship with a chef or someone who works in a professional kitchen is a lot of work and can be very lonely at times. Make sure you both understand the impact his career will have on your relationship.

But I want you to be prepared. Talk, talk, talk, talk and then talk some more. Ask them everything you could possibly think of and then ask them what they wish they knew before they started dating or before they got married. There are some wonderful blessings that come with being where you are.