Inspect plug for dirt or rust

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Now you will see the faulty engine. This information is presented for information purposes only. And here is the position of manifold in the engine bay.

This information is presented

The flaps got stuck in open position and engine is getting too much air. Turn car key to ignition position but do not start the engine. So I decided to dissect the engine curiositybut in the end I fixed it.

Pop airbox by pulling it up. Unscrew air pipe and disconnect it from air box. Last month code back I have replaced two runner controls. Put battery and engine covers on.

It's spring mechanism, engine and sensor in single package. Ford F Forum Here is the look from engine side. Repeat if spring is not returning to start position without jamming.

Consult your vehicle information source for testing recommendations for these components. Put airbox on and connect it to air pipe. Should be constant on engine idle and should drop when engine is revved.

Repair or replace shorted or open circuits as needed. You have to pull orange switch down away from the engine before you will be able to take off the plug. Connect engine plug and secure it with orange switch.

Next, I normally connect the scanner to the vehicle diagnostic connector and retrieve all stored codes and freeze frame data. In my case spring mechanism was jamming before full return. Pop engine cover by pulling it up. To avoid controller damage, disconnect all related controllers before testing. Inspect plug for dirt or rust.