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They really shouldn't have left the mad scientist alone. However Tek is the blue oni whilst No is the red oni The only one who has a combination of both is Tag. Two twins left to choose between them, a woman who can cross between the lines, and a kingdom manipulating them all from behind.

Series of Link dating various women with different results. If the Rifflers find something wrong with Tag's mood swings and bad temper, no matter how serious it is, they always put the blame on Eloise. Based on the Walking Dead games. Now it takes one step further in it's evolution.

Sometimes he threatens to leave the team. Eloise was born with a silver spoon in her mouth since her family are already the richest family in Port Marie with a few connections to Brooklyn and Rio De Janerio. Rated for violence and some language.

Contains HeartSoulshipping and SpecialJewelshipping. Gabriel is the blue oni whilst Jeremy is the red oni. The Magius seek ways to remain in control. Tek is the red oni whilst No is the blue oni. In one episode, he forces his crew to do training via martial arts.

The world falls into chaos

Though tensions run high between nations, an event is held in Ylisstol like no other in history. He is a fan of football and hopes to be one. Tag averted this as possible.

After he was released from prison, Pablo was already rich, surprising Tag. The world falls into chaos. One Trainer makes his return to the world after having been missing for over a year.

After he was released from

With the exception of Gabriel and Jeremy, the enite Riffler-tachi are royal brats but they don't know it. Tag is smart than he appears. The Einherjar are just weapons, with vague memories of humanity. But when darkness falls over Hyrule, he is thrown into a perilous adventure that will teach him the virtue of courage and set him on the road to becoming a man. She will fight for Caelin to save her grandfather from Lundgren, whose rule is reinforced by a dark shadow.

Follow the trail of events following the end of the Pokemon League season. For Haruto and Saki, the span of mere heartbeats can change the flow of history. It was justified since their opponents were the Chinese team. That, he gets from his father.