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This limit can very easily be crossed before you know it. CarToq encourages you to share this information with people you think would find it useful. You can easily call a radio taxi from EasyCabs or Meru for instance to come pick you up and drop you home. Motorists found driving under the influence of alcohol will now have their driving licences suspended for three months in Maharashtra. Across cities in India, police have been setting up check points to curb the menace of drunken driving and prosecuting offenders.

Ideally, any alcohol is too much. Mr Raote further said the condition of one year driving experience for women autorickshaw drivers has been waived. The above data is the maximum amount you can consume to stay within the legal limit.

The minister said wearing of helmets on two-wheelers shall be made mandatory all over the state. Those found not using helmets or wearing seat belts while driving will have to compulsorily attend two hours of counselling sessions. Try to stick to the above limits and wait it out before you drive back. Sometimes on social occasions with friends one does have a drink.

Top three sedans under Rs. India in fact has among the lowest limits for alcohol levels in blood, but still our road accidents and alcohol-related cases are higher than most parts of the developed world. The Minister said his endeavour was to drastically reduce incidents of drunken driving and traffic violations. This is why most manufacturers of such tonics and cough syrups also print stern warnings on the labels about not driving or operating machinery after consuming these medicines.