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Stephanus of Byzantium, s. The Labours of Hercules Hercules and the Wagoner. The Classical Press of Wales. Heracles won but Eurytus abandoned his promise.

Her milk sprayed across the heavens and there formed the Milky Way. Satyrs Centaurs Dragons Demogorgon. Rivalry, Treason and Conspiracy. Hercules in popular culture.

Heracles freed the Titan from his chains and his torments. Accordingly, in a later expedition, Heracles and his followers attacked Troy and sacked it.

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There were ancient towns and cities that also adopted Heracles as a patron deity, contributing to the spread of his cult. He tells them that they ought to make their own decisions. His adviser Stephenopolus tells him that he ought to give rule to someone else because Thessaly is in ruin.

Heracles in the end helped Iolaus find a wife. Heracles was the greatest of Hellenic chthonic heroes, but unlike other Greek heroes, no tomb was identified as his. As Argonauts, they only participated in part of the journey.

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