Tonight, what you serve is justice

Laura Alien at her very best

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While Laura fought Raze to a standstill, Xavier attempted to flee, only to be captured. However, she didn't die, though she became severely burned after catching fire on the fall. After examining Zelda, Strange discovered nanites inhabiting their brains that were responsible both for their inability to feel pain, and their declining health.

After tonight, we'll just keep moving and never look back. At Laura's mention of Sarah's regular heartbeat, Daken aimed a gun at her, and, not hearing a change and concluding that she was not human, shot Laura's mother. It seems so incredible to me now, that in all that time, given everything that I knew what I was doing and what the end result would bear I didn't give it a second thought. Instead, she let him live. She was taken back to the Facility.

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While Wolverine called for the team to stand down, Laura activated a concealed detonator that set off a series of powerful explosives she had planted earlier without telling her teammates. Later on, she saw the girl being killed by a man who she suspected was her pimp, and she killed him. He chose radiation poisoning. After seven years, Rice had X subjected to radiation poisoning in order to accelerate the activation of her mutant gene, and forcibly extracted her claws and coated them with Adamantium.

She was left emotionally stunted

She is a master in hand to hand combatant, with intensive training in numerous armed and unarmed martial arts techniques during her time in the facility. They say in life that we are judged by the choices we make, they are what define us, and I chose to bring you in to this world. She was left emotionally stunted as a result. They tracked down Msytique, and tried to fight her.

After examining Zelda Strange

While Bellona and Gabby dealt with Mooney, Laura intercepted Chandler and hobbled him before he could escape, ensuring his capture when Hill's forces arrived. Some time after taking up the Wolverine mantle, an anonymous tip about an assassination planned in Paris led Laura to the city to investigate. Sneaking out of the apartment and asking Jonathan to look after Gabby, Laura got Warren to fly her out to the Facility. Wolverine revealed that he was aware of X's ordeal, having received a detailed letter from her mother. They watched my every move, but they didn't see everything.

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