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Long Nails Are Your Fetish

This woman's nails were her pride

Shape length curve and colour all plays a big part in my fetish obsession. In my case, I don't fantasize on long nails. Would give me her non-driving hand to examine her nails, then switch. Older sister, and her friends, kept their nails long, well-polished, and ate up the attention I gave them. Was in heaven one time counting leather coats with both of them.

Seems, I started getting erections all the time when looking at her nails, it was often uncomfortable and embarassing having the tell-tale bulge in my pants at the wrong times. She used to wear nailpolish all the time, even we were playing doctor.

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Very long, usually red or a variation of red, squared at the top, and the subject of questions from nearly everyone who shopped in the store. Edited by rivets rocketmail. If you are a member of this group, then I am right to assume you enjoy women with painted nails a bit more than is considered normal. My love of women with long painted nails was my grade four teacher.

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Thank You for all the beautiful photos. This woman's nails were her pride and joy.

Especially red nails andVery long usually

Especially red nails and manicured hand look very pretty. Make up jewelry and nails.

Find your best Long Nails fetish sex here - all fetishes presented. One of our neighbors had this red polish on. My fetish then developed for long beautiful nails.