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Makin a good girl bad

Making Good Love remix featDiddy gives the contestants

Towards the end of the show, Diddy tells Shannon that she needs to show that she can sing and not hold back. Shannon starts crying as she sings and ends up showing that she really can sing.

Several episodes later

She was very upset and thought she didn't sound bad. Then, the girls are working on their choreography for their video. It centered around the musical group Da Band. The girls work with vocal coach Betty Wright doing different voice training sessions.

Making Good Love remix feat. They reveal their name, which is Danity Kane. He said he wanted to cry when he heard the song and Aubrey's emotion on the record didn't cut it. Several episodes later, however, Kahoano left for reasons that weren't exactly clear. The girls take a minute to give her a live performance, but the interview turns sour when Ms.

They reveal their name which is

The guys are introduced at the concert by Slam and immediately the show begins. You make me want to scream, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh no no no no. When Julius's group performs their dance routine, Julius is having trouble with the dance because he hasn't practiced nearly enough as his group members, and Diddy again asks his group to redo it. Dawn doesn't shine during the recording session.

Aubrey wants to stay saying

Read Your Mind A Cappella. They all moved into the same house and record their new albums and got to know each other a lot more. It centered around the musical group O-Town.

Diddy gives the contestants a grueling series of tasks to take place around New York, including buying cheesecake, that must be completed as a team. Aubrey wants to stay, saying the group needs her.

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