Nina gets her feet tickled in socks

In order to evade herWhen we found the perfect

When I told Lana about the tickle scene to come, she was convinced, that it meant to be fake. When we found the perfect spot, tied Rosie up and took off her chucks for the scene, we found her socks soaked with her sweat and unbearably stinky. In order to evade her tickling scene, Bonnie tried to convince us she was not ticklish. They tickle her soles with different brushes and bare fingers.

This clip is from the

Elsa and Clarissa team up to give Anna's soles a fancy worship. It was an incredibly hot summer day, we were out looking for a place to shoot an outdoors tickle scene, something new, as all our previous foot tickling clips where done indoors. She seemed to be reluctant to laugh uncontrollably on camera, too.

When I told Lana aboutShe had no chance

This clip is from the back of an old hard drive, shot one and a half years ago. She had no chance but to take huge lungfuls of her footstink, of course, just when her whole body was not twitching from the tickling. Candy grabbed her arms and held her down, Rosie took her feet at started tickling her soles.

Candy grabbed her arms and heldThey tickle her soles